Our Vision

To become leaders within the Indian dairy farm trade, whereas retentive our Indian traditions and family values. Be the primary alternative for shoppers. Give our customers price for cash. this can be through improvement in technologies employed in our dairy farm, therefore enhancing the standard of our stuff, our internal processes, and also the ability of our individuals. Productivity sweetening of animals through genetic development programs whereby the farmers too are benefited. Provide our customers with the cleanest and healthiest milk, that the main focus on nutrition starts from the animals themselves, therefore resulting in additional biological process milk and milk merchandise. From farming to drug company … Broaden the natural practical applications of milk and milk merchandise, by targeting medicative, organoleptic, alternative pharmaceutical and medical aid practical values. Make flow of information from the plant floor to the board space, seamless facilitating educated and immediate higher cognitive process. Preserve and showcase our agricultural heritage, and defend native economic interests i.e. development and education of our rural communities. Maintain sensitivity to atmosphere. Be a most popular leader in our field, and supply associate atmosphere that challenges our staff to be told, grow and prosper in an environment of respect and recognition.

Our Mission

Inspire sustained growth for our entire men and farmers World Health Organization have engaged in long run partnerships with North American nation Understanding client desires and protects their interests to make womb-to-tomb relationships and whole loyalty Development of autochthonous merchandise using: constant analysis, innovative processes, and adjustive technologies. Stay at the forefront of technology and management through scientific innovation and artistic management approach.

Quality & Safety Policy

We area unit committed to continual improvement through review and up-gradation of our quality management and food safety systems supported ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000 and HACCP, reassuring consistent conformity to customer’s expectations and meeting applicable necessities. Our dependent relationships with farmers through education and need-based coaching results in higher quality milk. We systematically manufacture quality, safe milk & milk merchandise through a healthful and controlled process and trendy technologies, with quality checks from "Raw Milk assortment." to "Dispatch Dock".

Quality & Food Safety Objectives

To increase client satisfaction by reducing the instances of pilferages in Liquid Milk pouches. To modify & enhance processes as per client expectation and market trends a minimum of one each year for rising Quality & Safety of product.

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